3601 W. Cromwell Drive      520-579-7094    

Sunday Worship: 10:30-11:45am.                                                                               Youth Religious Exploration and Nursery Care available.

Comprehend that we all have this thorn, this inborn fear of losing the love we have or not being worthy of the love we need. That comprehension is the root of forgiveness, for this dilemma is the root of reactivity. So too is this the root of freedom.
— MVUU Sermon Snap: The Reverend Ron Phares

New! Contemplative Service

 Soothe and invigorate your soul through chanting, silence, meditation and poetry in a new early Sunday service. Please arrive at least five minutes prior to the beginning of this 50 minute session. Childcare is provided. 9am in the Sanctuary.

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Writers! Poets!

We invite your contributions for the second MVUU literary monograph. The 2015 theme is To Inspire: Journey. Be part of the Stewardship celebration of Gifts and talents in Spring 2016. Deadline for submissions is Feb. 14th.   Click here for info.


Check out the online version of the 2014 MVUU Literary Monograph and be inspired!